Camera Package

LoFi Films Camera Package

The Arri Amira camera is a smaller, lighter weight version of the Alexa camera. It features the same 35mm sensor as the Alexa, and with a dynamic range of more than 14 stops, low noise levels, subtle highlight handling, natural color rendering, and breathtaking skin tones the AMIRA delivers beautiful, life-like images in any situation. It records Pro Res, up to 4444, to Cfast 2.0 cards, and can shoot variable frame rates up to 200fps at 1080/2k. It can also record UHD4K.

Camera Package Includes:
Arri Amira camera body with Premium license. UHD 4K, 3.2Km 2K, 1080
Set of Zeiss Ultraprime lenses 24-40-85mm
Red 17-50mm shot zoom
Chrosziel HD Mattebox 4x5.65 and filters
Chrosziel follow focus
Anton Bauer Dionic HC Batteries
9" Panasonic HD Monitor
2 - 17" Panasonic HD Monitors
O'Connor 2060 Fluid head and carbon fibre legs
Mini Worrall Gear Head
Canon 7D Camera Package also available

Lighting Equipment:
Arri Skypanel S30
K5600 400W HMI Joker
Assorted 4 foot and 2 foot Kino Flos
LED Panelites / On camera softlights (Kit of 2)
Source Four Lekos
Arri Tungsten Lights
Wireless Lav Kits